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15 minute low carb protein cloud bread

With all the current hype around cloud bread – aka oopsie, I thought a variant of my previous oopsie bread would be appropriate. This 15 minute Low Carb Protein Cloud Bread is almost zero carbs and much higher in fat, making it even more KETO-friendly.

It’s not surprising that cloud bread has taken the low carb world by storm. It’s simple, quick, and a great ‘bread’ fix. Lettuce instead of burger buns? No, thanks.

Below is a short video to show you each step (…made all on my own, whilst creating the recipe, with no special equipment or filters – sorry if it’s not great!)

Just as with my first oopsie recipe, you only need a few ingredients. One of them is mayonnaise. Don’t just assume that all mayo carries the same carbs. Quite the opposite, in fact. As with most products, carbs variation between brands can be astonishing. I use Calvé Classica mayonnaise, which has no added sugar and only 0.6g carbs per 100g weight. It’s the best tasting and the most natural mayo you can get. If you cannot find it in nearby stores, try an Italian deli. Failing that, you can buy it online, although it tends to be expensive because of price inflation and shipping costs. But it tastes so good I still recommend it. Maybe you could buy a few tubes in one go to save on shipping. US residents are so lucky! They can take advantage of this offer, which I think is great value.

If, for whatever reason, you decide to give Calvé Classica Mayonnaise a miss, I suggest you do some brand comparison and choose carefully. And if your mayo choices are still not low carb enough, you have the option of using mascarpone cheese or cream cheese instead. Both yield good results. But again…check carbs…compare…choose wisely.

15 minute low carb protein cloud bread

The other key ingredient of 15 minute Low Carb Protein Cloud Bread is whey protein isolate.

Please don’t scream at me! I know it’s expensive, but you only need a tiny amount, so the smallest of packages will go a looong way. Plus you can have fun making all sorts of desserts with it! Just type ‘protein’ in the search box on the top right-hand side of this page, hit the search button, and voilá, a list of yummy things you can make using whey protein isolate will appear.

Again, whey protein isolate differs hugely. No two brands will yield the same results or have the same nutritional values. I have done A LOT of homework on whey protein, so you don’t have to. This is the one I like to use because it’s very low carb and very high quality. When that’s out of stock, I use this one. And this is the U.S. option.

15 minute low carb protein cloud bread

The original cloud bread was a great idea, but…..

When I first made cloud bread, I followed the original recipe (I cannot give credit where it’s due as I have no idea who came up with it first), using the original ingredients, i.e. egg, cream cheese, cream of tartar and salt.  I found I didn’t like the eggy flavour and stickiness. Plus the cream cheese made it carby, especially when using brands like Philadelphia (sorry, Miss Philadelphia, you taste great, but why so many carbs????). So I started paying around with replacement ingredients. I obtained better texture and flavour by using alternatives for cream cheese – the mayonnaise idea came up on Instagram [thank you @london_n_keto] and by adding a bit of ‘flour’ – my idea. And so my earlier oopsie bread recipe was born.

15 minute low carb protein cloud bread

However, in a constant effort to improve my offerings as well as reduce carbs, I haven’t stopped playing around with the recipe. By using whey protein isolate instead of lupin, I’ve achieved carb reduction and better overall macros.

My 15 minute Low Carb Protein Cloud Bread also uses guar gum instead of cream of tartar. I found that cream of tartar gave a slightly better rise in the oven and slightly less deflation out of the oven, but also made the oopsie very powder-like, especially when re-heated. I guess that’s because, as a leavening agent, it helps keep air bubbles whilst baking, but without gluten to bind fibres together, the end result is without substance and crumbles easily. Guar gum is a very common thickener that helps bind fibres together in baking, a bit like gluten does.


Through my experimenting, I’ve found that adding a heavy pinch (1/8 tsp) of guar gum to my cloud bread made it less sticky when cold and less crumbly when re-heated.

All in all, with just a few variations, I think I’ve come up with an improved recipe for cloud (oopsie) bread. What do you think?

15 minute low carb protein cloud bread

  1. pre-heat oven to 170C static.
  2. whisk egg white until very firm.
  3. whisk egg yolk with mayonnaise, then add salt, guar gum and whey powder.
  4. scoop yolk mix onto egg white and fold in thoroughly but gently.
  5. spoon two equal mounds onto a baking tray lined with parchment paper.
  6. bake for 15 mins or until amber coloured.