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Instant Magic Sugar Free Coffee Cream Pudding. 2g net carbs per serving and ready in minutes. EGG-FREE. No cooking/baking. And NO CHILLING TIME necessary.

Not keen on coffee? Fine! Swap it for a flavouring of your choice, or nothing – if a more neutral taste is what you’re after. This keto spoon dessert, or pudding, is very easy to customise with added fruit or nuts. You can literally incorporate pretty much anything and the result will be stunning.

Whenever the sweet monster hits you, or you have unexpected guests, or you want to serve up a dessert but you’re pressed for time, this super-simple and ultra-quick recipe will save the day.

How To Make Instant Magic Sugar Free Coffee Cream Pudding

For my coffee infused version, you’ll need CreamMascarpone cheeseSweetener, and freshly brewed Coffee.

For a light dessert, close to a mousse consistency, it is best to use whipping cream. Double cream has a higher fat content, that creates a denser structure when whipped, which is more suitable when making a cake filling. Check THIS PAGE for information on the fat content of various types of creams, by country.


Mascarpone cheese is one of those Italian products that has reached world-wide popularity thanks to its versatility. I’ve seen it for sale in every country I’ve travelled to. But, if you can’t get it where you are, you can make your own very simply, by using just cream and lemon juice. Click HERE for a YouTube video that explains how to do it. I buy my Mascarpone in the shops, as it’s inexpensive and readily available. And no, you definitely cannot replace it with cream cheese in this Instant Magic Sugar Free Coffee Cream Pudding recipe.

The sweetener element can be whatever you prefer, as long as it’s powdered. In this recipe, I use Sukrin Icing ‘sugar’ (a mix of erythritol and pure stevia), or I MAKE MY OWN. Plus a little stevia powder as well. Why both? Because excessive amounts of sugar alcohols can cause gastric distress in sensitive individuals. To most of my sweet recipes I add a minimum quantity of erythritol to provide the necessary bulk, and then I compensate with a smidgen of pure stevia powder.

  1. make coffee, stir in icing sugar and pure stevia powder until dissolved, then leave to cool down.
  2. using an electric hand-held whisk (I use THIS – U.S. option HERE), whip cream to stiff peaks in a chilled mixing bowl and set aside.
  3. in a separate chilled bowl, combine mascarpone and coffee with a manual whisk – it will become quite liquid at first (depending on the fat content of your mascarpone), but keep going and the mixture will thicken again.
  4. now combine the two creams by folding gently so as to keep the air in – if at this point it seems too liquid, use your elctric whisk to whip a bit more – you should obtain the consistency of plain whipped cream.
  5. spoon or pipe into 3 serving glasses and sprinkle a little cocoa on top of each.
  6. you can serve the coffee creams immediately, but they’re best chilled for 2-24 hours.