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Keto Italian Coleslaw – Insalata Capricciosa. 2g net carbs per serving.

A simple, quick and delicious recipe that can be customised to your preference in many ways. In addition to, or as a replacement for the vegetables used in the recipe, you could incorporate cabbage, radishes, pickles or Gruyère cheese. You could use cooked prosciutto ham instead of Parma ham. You could even add some cooked diced chicken, prawns, tuna or crab meat. Spice it up. Or keep it mild. It really is that versatile.

The original Italian recipe consists primarily of carrots and celeriac. In order to create a keto-friendly version, I’ve incorporated red pepper and celery, making my recipe much lower in carbs.  I’ve also omitted the Gruyère because this coleslaw goes so well in a cheese sandwich that I don’t see the need for cheese to be in the coleslaw itself.


Fresh vegetables, real Parma or S. Daniele prosciutto ham, and quality mayonnaise are paramount. The better the ingredients, the more tasty your Keto Italian Coleslaw – Italian Capricciosa will be.

How To Make Keto Italian Coleslaw – Insalata Capricciosa

It is purely a case of cutting the vegetables into matchsticks Julienne-style, or grating them using a large-hole cheese grater, getting rid of moisture, and then adding them to a mixing bowl. Once you include chopped ham, mayonnaise, ACV (apple cider vinegar), salt, mustard and a tiny bit of sweetener, mix well and it’s ready.

If you’re fond of shop-bought coleslaw, you’ll be in a for a tastebud explosion. This is way better than any packaged option. And so much healthier.

The recipe provides 4 servings. It is better if consumed within 3 days, so I don’t recommend making large batches. Fresh is definitely best.

  1. snip prosciutto into little pieces.
  2. julienne or shred celeriac and carrot using a large-hole grater, wrap in kitchen paper towel and squeeze to remove excess moisture.
  3. finely chop celery and pepper, and pat dry.
  4. place all ingredients in a Pyrex or similar glass mixing bowl, and stir until well combined.
  5. cover bowl with cling film and keep refrigerated.