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Keto & Low Carb Asparagus Muffins. 2g net carbs each.

Bored of the usual keto foods? Tired of almond flour? Coconut flour not your thing? I hear you!

Here’s a tasty, NUT-FREE recipe that is easy to customise. But why would you, with wholesome ingredients such as asparagus, Greek yoghurt, lupin flour and Pecorino cheese? The combination of ingredients delivers a flavour burst, despite the only seasoning being salt and pepper.

These savoury muffins are a great idea for breakfast, lunch, as a starter, as a side, as party food.

Are struggling to get your kids to eat veggies? Easy. Instead of reserving the asparagus tips for the top, blitz them with the stems.  Once hidden inside the muffins, they won’t realise they’re eating healthy greens.

How to Make Keto & Low Carb Asparagus Muffins

Super simple as usual! Just cook your asparagus, blitz the stems to a paste, mix all ingredients together, pour into muffin moulds, top with sliced asparagus tips and bake.


I use lupin flour for this recipe. You may want to keep away from it if you’re allergic to, or wish to avoid, legumes – especially peanuts, which are a close relative of lupins. And YES, you read that right: peanuts are not actually nuts, but a legume. So if you eat peanut butter without health or other issues, I can’t see a reason not to eat lupin flour.

If you must, you can swap lupin flour for a flour of your choice, like coconut flour or almond flour, although the result will be less savoury, with a hint of sweeteness.

Instead of coconut milk you can use any nut or seed milk.

Italian Pecorino cheese is quite pungent and intensly flavoured, especially the Sardinian version. Tuscan Pecorino is milder. If you replace it with a different cheese altogether, the muffins will be good, but a bit bland.

Greek or Greek-style yoghurt should be unsweetened and full-fat. If you can’t get it, you can easily make your own.


How to Make Greek-Style Yoghurt Effortlessly

Greek-style yoghurt is essentially strained yoghurt. To make your own, you need to start with standard, unsweetened, full-fat yoghurt. Place a sieve over a tall jug or similar container, line it with a muslin cloth and pour the yoghurt into it. Then leave it in the fridge and wait for the whey to separate. A few hours later, you’ll see the whey collected at the bottom, which you can discard. There you go. Zero effort. Delicious Greek-style yoghurt. It will keep in a sealed container for several days.

  1. if your asparagus spears are untrimmed, bend and snap off the bottom section of each stem and discard; then cut the tips off and set aside; boil or steam the stems until soft (5-8 min depending on thickness), adding the tips for the last 2 minutes of cooking time; once drained, reserve the tips and put the stems in a food processor (I use THIS – U.S. option HERE); blitz until you obtain a smooth paste and leave for later.
  2. pre-heat oven to 200°C static and line a 6-hole muffin tray (no need if using silicone moulds)
  3. in a medium mixing bowl, beat egg, then add olive oil, Greek yoghurt and milk, and beat again to combine.
  4. now stir in asparagus cream and sifted dry ingredients, leaving Pecorino till last.
  5. spoon mixture into your muffin holes or individual moulds and place the reserved asparagus tips over each (cut them in half lengthways if they’re chunky), pressing them down a little, so they’re partly buried.
  6. bake until golden/brown, for about 30 mins – check by inserting a skewer: if it comes out clean, they’re done.