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Keto Low-Carb High-Fibre Burger Buns

They are perfect every day keto bread rolls that you can use for sandwiches or burgers. They might look a bit similar to cloud bread, but they’re much more sturdy and consistent. Easy to hold in your hand, without stickiness or floppiness. And the icing on the cake is that they taste like REAL BREAD ROLLS!

Cut them across and fill them with whatever you fancy. They last for days, loosely covered, on my kitchen counter. But you can also make batches and freeze them. They thaw out beautifully, with no loss of texture or flavour.

These Keto Low-Carb High-Fibre Burger Bread Buns are great just as they are. Or you can toast them (sliced side up) for a couple of minutes for a bit of extra… well… toastiness.Keto Low-Carb High-Fibre Burger Buns

What Makes Keto Low-Carb High-Fibre Burger Bread Buns Unbeatable?

A quick internet search will show up hundreds of keto/low-carb bread recipes. They all sound and look amazing. But do they hold up to the hype? You probably already know the answer…..  For me, either the flavour isn’t right, or the texture doesn’t work, or they need dozens of eggs… or they get slimy over time and must be toasted. Not to mention the common calorie overload. Believe me, I’ve probably tried them all !!!!

Well, prepare for a pleasant change!!!!Keto Low-Carb High-Fibre Burger Buns

Bread rolls that require lots of liquids due the absorbent flours used, or multiple eggs to bind everything together, become sticky quite quickly (due to moisture release from eggs and psyllium) and glue to your fingers as you hold them. They’re still great if you intend to eat them straight away (like my oopsie cloud bread recipe), but not so good if you want to bake them in advance and use them throughout the week. My Keto Low-Carb High-Fibre Burger Buns, however, stay ‘fresh’. So they’re brilliant as sandwich rolls, to take to work, or on a trip.

As you can see from the photos, they won’t rise much, but the texture, flavour, and feel are 100% on point.

How to Make Keto Low-Carb High-Fibre Burger Bread Buns.

My favourite one-bowl-method is back once again. Minimal kitchen mess, and minimal washing-up. Woop-woop! Even the tart/yorkshire pudding mould that I use for these buns can just be wiped and put back in the cupboard for the next baking adventure ?

Fiberflour is my secret weapon. It’s a British made newcomer on the low-carb market and I highly recommend it. There is no other prebiotic low-carb flour that can work its baking magic like fiberflour.

Keto Low-Carb High-Fibre Burger Buns

The ‘bread’ flavour isn’t quite there when using psyllium instead of fiberflour, and they become sticky unless eaten within a few days. BUT, here comes the good part: net carbs become ZERO (almost) per bun!!!

Keto Low-Carb High-Fibre Burger Buns

Timewise, these beauties will take just 30 minutes from start to finish. Or less, once you get the knack of making these incredible Keto Low-Carb High-Fibre Burger Bread Buns.  After 10 minutes prepping and 15 minutes baking, you will have the most delicious bread buns you’ve tasted in a looooong time.

  1. pre-heat oven to 180C static.
  2. using an electric whisk, whip eggs until foamy and tripled in volume, then add EVOO and water and whip again to combine.
  3. incorporate fiberflour, baking powder, salt and xanthan gum, by whisking a little more.
  4. spread 2-3 drops of EVOO inside each hole of a 4 tart/yorkshire pudding mould (each hole = 10cm Ø – SEE NOTES BELOW).
  5. spoon in the bun mixture and sprinkle sesame or poppy seeds, or both, if using.
  6. bake for 15 mins or until amber brown.
  7. open oven door, slide baking rack out half-way and leave until cooled.
  8. you may need to prize them off with a small flexible spatula if a bit stuck.