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Keto Whole 30 Recipes


Keto Whole 30 Recipes

It’s January, the time of year I lovingly refer to as “diet season”. This is the time of year when everyone and their dog jumps aboard some diet trend or other.

The keto diet is a popular one but for me, it’s not a diet. It’s truly a lifestyle and one I intend to live for the remaining years of my life.

The Whole 30 Program is also exceedingly popular at this time of year and I can certainly see the allure. 30 days of whole foods, no cheats, no sweeteners, no dairy, in order to re-set your system. A limited timeframe and a very clean way of eating. It makes great sense as a way to kick of the year in healthy style.

65 Keto Diet Recipes for Whole 30

Whole 30 vs Keto

Which one is better? Well, to be honest, they are not mutually exclusive and they share a lot of the same concepts. But a keto diet should not be a short term solution, whereas Whole 30 is more of a cleanse style program. It’s a useful tool for re-booting your system and clearing it of toxins.

So can you be keto and do Whole 30? Of course you can! It’s really not that hard and if you are following a keto diet, you are well on your way to a successful round of Whole 30.

That said, there are some things to watch out for and not every Whole 30 recipe is keto-friendly. Whole 30 is more of a Strict Paleo diet, but it allows for some higher carb fruits and veggies that don’t fit in well with keto. Sweet potatoes and other starchy veggies are pretty common, and the program even allows for white potatoes now, too. A big keto no-no, of course.

Carrots are quite high carb, and many Whole 30 soups use plenty of carrots. Onions are also surprisingly high carb so cutting back on them is a good idea. Whole30 recipes can sometimes include starches like tapioca flour so it’s good to read the full ingredients before assuming it’s keto-friendly.

Those following a ketogenic diet already know to stay clear of most fruits, and only eat berries in moderation. I’ve sometimes seen recipes that call themselves Whole 30 which are sweetened with dates, but the point of Whole 30 is to not sweeten anything at all, so be wary there.

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What foods to avoid

The whole idea behind Whole 30 is to go squeaky clean and avoid anything junky or even anything healthy that masquerades as junk food. This means you will need to avoid:

Sweeteners of any kind (no stevia or erythritol)

All dairy (except for ghee)

Grains or legumes, regardless of how low carb they might be (bye bye, peanut butter… at least for 30 days!)


Baked goods – even if they are made with keto and Whole 30 approved ingredients

I hear a few of you FREAKING OUT! But the premise here is to avoid anything that could be a food trigger, something that causes you to overeat. So even pancakes and and keto bread are off limits during this time. You can do it!

You know what else you need to avoid? The scale!

I think I may love and respect this part of Whole 30 the most. I know many people on a keto diet are obsessive about weighing in almost daily and I sometimes worry that this is just as bad as being obsessive about food. This forces you to take a break and just listen to your body. So for 30 days, you may not weigh or measure yourself in any form. Brilliant!

Read the full Whole 30 Program Here 

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Keto Whole 30 Recipes

If you are interested in trying Whole 30 but still sticking to your keto diet, I’ve done a bit of the leg work for you. I’ve rounded up 65 keto approved Whole 3o recipes. Main dishes, soups, side dishes and breakfast!

Whole 30 Dinner Recipes


Whole 30 Soup Recipes


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