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Low Carb High Fat CHOCO ROCKET COFFEE: a coffee snob’s keto alternative to BPC (bulletproof coffee).

Everyone loves BPC. Coffee and fat. It tastes great and is a super healthy way to start the day. BPC is great for an injection of energy before Intermittent Fasting. You can make it with any type of coffee. All you need to do is blitz that fresh brew in a blender or NutriBullet together with butter and coconut oil. So why did I come up with a keto alternative, you might ask?

3 reasons why I don’t drink BPC

Firstly, because I am a certified coffee snob. Italian espresso is the only one for me. Nothing else will do. It’s probably down to my origins. I have been drinking espresso since I was 2 and cannot stand anything less. Italians know how to do coffee. Their love of espresso is centenary. And I am a proud member of that club. My love for espresso is undisputed. I’m looking at a very expensive coffee machine that is testament to that. Roasted coffee beans, freshly ground and turned into this heavenly dark liquid topped with a beautiful creamy froth and irresistible aroma.

And what about all the health benefits of espresso? According to THIS ARTICLE there are 15 health benefits, no less! Wow! 

Secondly, because I really wanted to like PBC, but my coffee snobbery got in the way. I liked the idea of all that fat feast in the morning. Perfect for me, as I don’t have breakfast and often skip lunch as well. Not because I choose to, but because I’m simply not hungry until mid-afternoon. Except that BPC an espresso it is not, and by a long shot – rhyme and pun intended ?

Thirdly, because I don’t have a NutriBullet at my house in Italy. I know you can spin BPC in a blender and get the same results. But does anyone enjoy washing the blender? I don’t. It’s heavy, there are various parts to clean and each takes ages to dry naturally. Way too much effort for me.

Low Carb High Fat CHOCO ROCKET COFFEE is 100% keto friendly and tastes way better than BPC.

Just like BPC, my CHOCO ROCKET COFFEE is a fat blast. So what’s in it?

Espresso coffee. Obviously. If you have a machine that grinds whole coffee beans and turns them to coffee, congratulations: you must be a coffee snob too. Welcome to the club! If, however, you don’t own one of these, don’t worry. You can make Low Carb High Fat CHOCO ROCKET COFFEE with any type of strong coffee.

Coconut milk. Homemade is best. Check out my post if you want to learn how to make your own, super healthy, crap free coconut milk. If not, there are plenty of shop varieties to chose from. Make sure it’s drinking milk, though, not the thick stuff that comes in a can.

Coconut Oil. The best oil there is. Super healthy and loaded with MCTs to help you produce more ketones. But be mindful of cheaper varieties. You want an organic, cold pressed, virgin oil. You can also use MCT oil (U.S. option HERE) if you prefer.

Cream. You need it to add the deliciously creamy effect that makes the Low Carb High Fat Choco Rocket Coffee perfect.

Dark Chocolate. Oh yes. I’m talking about the good, unsweetened stuff. The one that is 90-100% and very low in carbs, like Lindt or Montezuma’s.

Stevia. This one is optional. If you’re a hardcore connoisseur who feels that coffee should be savoured as it is, feel free to omit this one. And if you have a favourite sweetener other than stevia, so be it. It doesn’t really matter. Personally, I use chocolate flavoured liquid stevia, but everyone’s taste buds are different.

No NutriBullet or blender required.

Low Carb High Fat CHOCO ROCKET COFFEE is made in a double espresso cup and just warmed up in the microwave for 20-25 seconds. You can put it in a NutriBullet or blender for extra creaminess, but it isn’t necessary. I find that heating everything up in the microwave, with your metal teaspoon inside the liquid, helps it all blend together nicely. Stir and drink. That’s it.

Finally, the low down on macros: the Low Carb High Fat CHOCO COCKET COFFEE contains 226 Kcals, 25g Fat, 0.82g carbs and 1.16g protein. I’m sure you’ll agree that these are pretty on point macros. But if you can afford to add a carb or two, why not add some unsweetened whipped cream, for a truly special treat!