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Low Carb Zucchini with Lime & Coconut Cream. A lovely flavour combination, great texture, and 4.5g net carbs.

Today’s recipe is another DAIRY-FREE creation. This one is also VEGAN and LOW-CALCIUM.

It tastes impossibly good. And rich. And creamy. Despite the fact that it contains no butter, no cream and no cheese. The lime juice does add a few more grams of carbs. But it gives an injection of zesty freshness to what would otherwise be – to my palate at least – an overly creamy dish. If you’d rather forget the lime, you can subtract 0.8g net carbs from each serving.

In case you’re wondering, I promise that I haven’t ditched dairy completely. Rest assured that you’ll continue to see yummy, dairy-rich and calorie-laden recipes being published on this blog. They’ll just be less frequent.

Dairy. Calcium. Calories. And Why They Matter.

1) There are more and more individuals who have become lactose or caseine intollerant, plus there are strong links between dairy and inflammation – which we now understand is the root of most, if not all, poor health. It makes sense to me, therefore, that dairy habits should be kept in check.

2) With excessive dairy consumption, there is an associated calcium overload issue. And this has been, until recently, an underestimated concern. This PubMed article can shed more light if you’re interested.

3) Dairy = a lot of calories. And calories DO matter. Especially for those unable to control their hunger or cravings, those on a weight-loss journey, those who cannot exercise, and those with underlying medical conditions.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that, as a keto health-freak, I would begin to pay attention to recipes that deliver the right keto/low-carb macronutrients, AS WELL AS fewer calories, less dairy, and minimal calcium. On top of clean food choices, of course.


How to Make Low Carb Zucchini with Lime & Coconut Cream

Chop your zucchini , mince the garlic, extract the lime juice and then shove all ingredents in a frying pan. Stir and simmer occasionally. Done. Can it get any easier? I think not.

  1. wash and pat dry zucchini, top and tail them, then slice lengthways twice and finally cut across so as to obtain thin quadrants.
  2. place all ingredients except lime juice in a frying pan over high heat and stir.
  3. once a rolling boil is reached, stir again, turn heat down, and simmer gently for about 20 mins, uncovered, until zucchini is soft and a thick sauce is all that remains.
  4. taste test, adjust seasoning as required, stir in lime juice and serve.