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Quick & Easy Keto Low Carb Seeded Protein Bread

This bread is pure keto heaven! After the resounding success of my Amazing Low Carb Keto Protein Bread Loaf, I am ecstatic to present an even lower carb version that’s packed with healthy ingredients.

So if you’ve become somehow bored with the original version, or you fancy something with a bit more texture, you must try this. It is just as quick to make. All you have to do is add one more ingredient. That’s all. You’ll also need less quantity of the two main dry ingredients, which means you’ll get more mileage out of them.

Why Quick & Easy Keto Low Carb Seeded Protein Bread ?

Quite simply because it will add texture and dimension to your lunches, dinners or snacks.  2 slices, topped with cream cheese and salami (my favourite), or whatever else you feel like, will turn a boring lunch into a great one, AND still keep you in ketosis. And how about soaking up that dinner sauce with some real bread? Of course you could manage without it, as many people do. But if you don’t always feel satiated and you go looking for snacks soon after a meal, perhaps you’re craving bread (that’s me!). Quick & Easy Keto Low Carb Seeded Protein Bread

How many times have you been stuck for lunch ideas? And how often have you spent ages thinking about what you can take to work and eat on the go? My Quick & Easy Keto Low Carb Seeded Protein Bread is a life-saver. Butter a couple (or 4) slices and slap your filling in between. Instant sandwich. A REAL sandwich.

If you’re at home for lunch, how about a toasted bread sandwich or cheese on toast? Grill or toast your Quick & Easy Keto Low Carb Seeded Protein Bread slices on one side. Flip them over, load with butter and cheese and toast again. A sprinkle of salt and pepper and you’re done. De-licious. And KETO-legal!

A Keto Bread Loaf for Everyone.

Quick & Easy Keto Low Carb Seeded Protein Bread isn’t just suitable for ketoers, low carbers, Atkins dieters, celiacs and body builders. It tastes so good and is so healthy that anyone else should try it. No nasty ingredients. Full of healthy goodness. However, if you have a digestive issue preventing you from eating seeds, head over to Amazing Low Carb Keto Protein Bread Loaf and follow my original recipe: you won’t be disappointed.

How to make Quick & Easy Keto Low Carb Seeded Protein Bread.

You will need a couple of ingredients that you may source more easily (and more economically) on line. Quick & Easy Keto Low Carb Seeded Protein Bread

You will easily find Organic Eggs, Full-Fat Cream Cheese, Mixed Seeds, Gluten Free Baking Powder and Himalayan Pink Salt in most supermarkets. Whey Protein Isolate and Psyllium Husk, however, are a different story. Most health food stores offer them, but they’re way overpriced. I buy mine online. They may seem expensive, but if you consider how many bread loaves you’ll get out of them, the upfront cost will suddenly appear very good value. At least I think so. I bought some Atkins Bread Mix some time ago. It was much higher in carbs than my Quick & Easy Keto Low Carb Seeded Protein Bread and much more expensive.

To make sure that your bread loaf turns out as low carb as mine, I highly recommend you use the same ingredients and brands that I do, if at all possible. Unfortunately, psyllium is a natural ingredient, so batches will vary even if you buy the same brand, and results may well be none the less inconsistent (it happens to me too).

Full-Fat Cream Cheese can vary in carb contents immensely, so check the packaging before you choose. I buy the Tesco un-branded one because it has the lowest carbs + highest fat content out of all the branded and un-branded cream cheese tubs I’ve looked at.

Same for the mixed seeds. Tesco’s little pot of Chia and Flax Seed Sprinkles also contains Sunflower Seeds, Gloden Linseed, Quinoa (it’s a SEED, not a grain, contrary to popular belief) and Pumpkin Seeds. Yet it’s just 0.9g carbs per 100g, which is very low indeed.

For the Whey Protein Isolate and Psyllium Husk, just click on the links in the recipe and you’ll go straight to those items on

Since my protein bread turns out great EVERY TIME, I wouldn’t dream of using any other brands or ingredients. You know the say ‘If it ain’t broken, don’t fix it’? Well this bread is so good it’s just not worth risking any changes!

Obviously, with no gluten and no yeast to bind fibers, this loaf won’t rise like traditional bread. Using the same size tin indicated in the recipe below, it will rise to about 7-8 cm.

By the way, when I state that it takes 5 minutes of preparation, I mean it. If this is your first time, it may take a bit longer, as you go back to the recipe and read the steps between weighing ingredients. But once you’ve made it a couple more times, it will become second nature, you won’t need to refer to the recipe and your bread mix will be ready for baking in 5 minutes.Quick & Easy Keto Low Carb Seeded Protein Bread

  1. pre-heat oven to 140ºC fan (160ºC static).
  2. place whey protein, psyllium husk, salt and sifted baking powder into a bowl and stir or whisk until well mixed.
  3. in a separate bowl, soften cream cheese using a hand whisk, then add eggs one at a time, whisking well before adding each one.
  4. combine dry and wet ingredients, whisking again to amalgamate really well.
  5. incorporate seeds and ACV, then let the mixture rest for a couple of minutes, until it thickens and becomes quite gooey (add a little more psyllium if too runny – it should stick to your spoon, rather than slide off it).
  6. smear a little coconut oil over the base and sides of a bread loaf baking dish (the one I use is 17cm x 8cm at the base, 7cm height), then pour the bread mix and level it.
  7. bake for 35 minutes or until brown on top and a skewer inserted in the middle comes out clean.
  8. transfer to a raised rack to cool completely before slicing.