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St. Patrick’s Chocolate Guinness – Sugar Free & Keto. 2g net carbs. What better way to Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day than with a pint of keto Irish Guinness!

I’m kidding of course… Guinness is the antethesis of keto, and probably the worst alcoholic choice you can make. Unless you really want to load up on alcohol, calories, AND carbs, and say farewell to ketosis.

This may be a  Guinness look-a-like, but lab results have confirmed that it is actually an alcohol-free luscious chocolate pudding topped with lightly whipped Chantilly cream.  A real celebratory delight you can create in no time at all. And 100% healthy. By adding suitably green marshmallows and marzipan shamrocks, you have the complete Irish feel. But this spoon-dessert is extra-ordinary on its own. And once you’ve learned how to create the dense, velvety chocolate cream by following the recipe, you’ll come back to it over and over again. I’m sure of that.

How to Make St. Patrick’s Chocolate Guinness – Sugar Free & Keto

As usual, there are some choices.

In my opinion, roasted almond milk produces the best flavour. For a nut-free option, you can swap it for coconut or hemp milk. Hazelnut milk or cashew milk are also suitable, although these will increase the carbs. Good quality unsweetened cocoa powder and dark chocolate are a must. Xanthan gum adds density and structure to the chocolate cream. If you’re not keen on it, you can use guar gum or glucomannan powder, although I’ve tried both and I must say I was less than impressed with the texture. Too gooey and sticky for me. Cream can be either the ‘double’ (heavy cream for my overseas friends) or ‘whipping’ type. Choose the former for more calories and less carbs, or the latter for the opposite.


The Method

Place sifted cocoa powder, sweeteners and xanthan gum in a small pot. Use a manual whisk to combine, then add the milk, little by little while whisking to avoid lumps. Initially, you’ll have a very thick paste, but it will loosen once you’ve incorporated all of the milk. The xanthan will create a grainy texture at this point – don’t worry, it will change. Heat up the mixture on the hob, while you keep whisking. Stop when it is completely smooth and steaming, but nowhere near boiling. Remove the pot from the heat source and stir in the chopped dark chocolate. Once the chocolate has totally melted, whisk in the cream. Your ‘Guinness’ is almost ready.

Transfer to a serving glass. Let cool. Then lightly whip double cream mixed with sweetener and a few drops of vanilla extract, and pour this Chantilly over the top for that classic ‘Guinness froth’. Done.


Marshmallows and Shamrocks

For the marshmallows, you can follow my easy recipe HERE. I made the shamrocks you see in the photos with Sukrin marzipan to which I added a little food colouring. Both of these are extras you may not wish to bother with. But I must tell you that dunking my marshmallows into this heavenly pudding is crazy-good and the shamrocks are sheer indulgence.

  1. using a sharp knife, cut the chocolate to shreds and set aside.
  2. in a small pan, put cocoa powder, 20g icing ‘sugar’, stevia powder and xanthan gum; hand-whisk to combine and then incorporate the milk, little by little, whisking continuously to prevent the formation of lumps.
  3. place the pan over medium heat, whisking frequently, until steaming (you do not want to reach simmering point), then remove from heat source and incorporate the shredded chocolate, stirring until melted – the mixture should become smooth and glossy.
  4. finally, stir in 20g cream, combine well, and transfer to a serving glass or cup.
  5. once the chocolate has cooled down, make the Chantilly by lightly whipping remaining cream together with 1 tsp icing ‘sugar’ and vanilla extract – it should be dense and fluffy, but pourable.
  6. top chocolate with Chantilly cream and enjoy with or without optional marshamallows and/or shamrocks.