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Sugar Free Angel Food Cupcakes & Chantilly Cream. Heavenly delights with just 1g net carb.

Beautifully simple and pretty enough for any occasion. They are keto and low-carb friendly. Skip the Chantilly Cream, and they’re also very low in calories. If you want a creamy topping whilst watching your calories, swap the cream for a dollop of low-carb, sugar-free, fat-free Greek yoghurt.

Angel Food Cakes are basically what I would describe as a fortified French meringue. They contain no butter, no oil, no egg yolk, no rising agent, and very little flour. Which makes them extremely light indeed. Cloud-like. Hence the Angel appellation – I presume. As for origin, I don’t have a clue. There are recipes for them absolutely everywhere.

My Sugar Free Angel Food Cupcakes & Chantilly Cream are my personal take of a recipe I found in an Italian food app called Piccole Ricette. I kind of liked the idea of cupcakes instead of a big cake. With a whole cake, you need a special baking tin with ‘legs’. The reason being that the cake has to be inverted post-baking to stop its structure from collapsing. Well, with my cupcakes, you don’t need that faff. You just bake, let cool, top with Chantilly Cream and that’s it. The secret?

No Need to Invert my Sugar Free Angel Food Cupcakes & Chantilly Cream

Everywhere you look, you’ll see categoric instructions about letting Angel Food Cakes cool upside down. But not on my watch. The secret is simply to over-fill the moulds, so you have a cloud mountain in each one. They do shrink as they cool down, but you end up with ‘normal’ cupcakes. Which is what you want. Because you’ll be adding a topping.


And the best bit is that they stay light and fluffy for up to two days. Which means you can make them ahead and not worry with last-minute baking marathons.

When you take them out of the oven, they’ll feel soft. And that’s normal. Once cold, the top forms a crispy layer. And that’s also normal. Then, a day later, the top softens again. Again, that’s perfectly OK. Just leave them without topping until you’re ready to serve them.


Note that making these cuties ahead of time isn’t obligatory. You can whip them up in 5 minutes and they cool very quickly once out of the oven, so you can add your choice of topping in no time. Perfect if you want to make a dessert on the fly.

In order to achieve a more angel/cloud/sky/Christmas look, I added a smidgen of food colouring to the Chantilly cream. I also created simple little snowflake crunchy biscuits. It’s all optional, of course.

How to Make Perfect Creme Chantilly

Chantilly is probably one of the simplest French creams. All you need is: whipping or double (heavy) cream, some keto-friendly icing ‘sugar’ and a bit of vanilla extract. I suggest whipping cream for a lighter, more airy option.

How to Make the Cookie Snowflakes

Child’s play. Some almond or coconut flour, a little butter and sweetener. Mix, flatten, chill, cut out, and bake for a few minutes. Lightning fast. We’re not going for amazing flavour here. They’re just a decorative touch that helps make Sugar Free Angel Food Cupcakes & Chantilly Cream more festive. Again, totally optional. Although they do add a welcome crunch.

I hope you enjoy them. Have a wonderful Christmas!

  1. pre-heat oven to 140°C fan (160°C static)
  2. whisk egg whites until they start to foam, then add cream of tartar and whisk again to incorporate.
  3. when the meringue begins to stiffen, add lemon juice and zest, plus ½ the erythritol, and continue to whisk until glossy with soft peaks (not powdery).
  4. mix almond flour and the remainder of erythritol, breaking up any lumps (best if sifted), and fold it gently into the meringue.
  5. line a 6-hole muffin/cupcake bakeware (I used silicone, but tin is fine) with paper liners, and spoon in the meringue mixture equally, without pressing down or flattening.
  6. place the cupcakes over a rack on the lowest oven position and bake for 20-25 minutes until golden (watch carefully after 20 mins).
  7. remove from oven and let cool (expect them to shrink).
  1. pre-heat oven to 180°C static.
  2. mix all ingredients and flatten the dough.
  3. cut out snowflake shapes (I used THESE cookie cutters – smallest size), place them on a silicone baking mat (for U.S. option, click HERE) and chill for 10 minutes.
  4. once chilled, bake the snowflakes for about 5-8 minutes until the tips start to brown.
  5. let cool completely before handling.
  1. chill cream and mixing bowl, then whip until it starts to become dense.
  2. add vanilla extract and half of the icing sugar, plus food colouring; whip again, then add the other ½ of icing sugar; stop whipping when soft peaks form.
  1. spoon Chantilly Cream into a piping bag with your choice of nozzle (I used a close-star nozzle size 2D) and decorate your Angel cupcakes before topping with a snowflake.

You can replace the cream of tartar with ½ tsp ACV (apple cider vinegar).

You can swap lemon zest and juice for 1 tsp vanilla extract if you want classic Angel Food Cupcakes.

You should obtain 20-25 little snowflakes, depending on how thinly you manage to roll out the dough.

I recommend not removing the paper liners in advance: when ready to serve, place on individual dessert plates and let your guests peel the liner sides down before enjoying.