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Sugar Free & Keto Caramel Milk Chocolates are a perfect Valentine’s Day treat.  Almost ZERO carbs (0.14g net).

Simple yet delicious, these caramel chocolates aren’t just pretty to look at. Wholesome, low-carb ingredients make them truly special. They’re a fun way to create a healthy keto treat for special occasions, or to keep in the house for when chocolate cravings strike. No need to spend ridiculous amounts of money on ready-made low-carb chocolate. Follow my easy recipe and you too can make your own in minutes, whenever you want, at minimal cost, with ingredients you trust.

You could easily customise them by adding sea salt or other flavourings. Or you could incorporate nuts or seeds for extra crunch. There are no limits to creativity here.

And there are other choices … If plain chocolates is what you desire, you can simply omit the caramel layer. For plain caramels, don’t bother with the chocolate. 

Packaged chocolate that is marketed as low-carb or sugar-free usually contains maltitol, a sugar alcohol that is notorious for causing digestive distress and insulin spikes. These chocolates are sweetened with icing sugar that is a combination of stevia and erythritol, so you can eat them without worrying about bad side effects.


Ingredients and Method.

My Sugar Free & Keto Caramel Milk Chocolates consist of two layers. First you make the caramel and fill chocolate moulds half-way. Once that’s set, you top with the milk chocolate. Wait for a bit, then pop them out of the mould and serve them as you wish.

The caramel is simply a combination of burnt butter, double cream and icing ‘sugar’. Adding food colouring is entirely optional, of course.

To create the milk chocolate layer, the most crucial ingredient is good quality, unsweetened dark chocolate. The one I use contains 100% cocoa and has the least amount of carbohydrates I have ever found in any chocolate. For my taste buds, it is intensely bitter but, mixed with sweeteners and other ingredients, it becomes a different, much more palatable beast. Even for those like me who have always been fond of the milder flavour of milk chocolate. Whatever chocolate you choose, it should be at least 85% cocoa and do check the macros to make sure no sugar or other evil sweeteners were added in the manufacturing.


Raw cacao butter always seems to make my home-made milk chocolate better, so it’s the other key ingredient.

Whey isolate provides a little protein boost. While the sunflower lecithin improves the texture. You could leave them out if you don’t want to use them.

Vanilla extract, some cream and natural sweetener are all that’s left to put in the mix.


The Recipe

Both caramel and chocolate layers are quick and easy. You can ultimately decide whether you want to re-create these beautiful treats for sharing with your Valentine date, or make caramels on their own, or make chocolates on their own.

  1. put butter in a small heavy-base pan and let it simmer over medium-high heat for a few minutes – don’t stir, just shake the pan occasionally.
  2. when it stops crackling and golden/brown sediments appear, remove from heat, strain, and put the burnt butter back in the same pan (after wiping the pan using a kitchen paper towel).
  3. stir in cream and icing ‘sugar’, then incorporate food colouring little by little (using the tip of a toothpick) until you get the desired intensity of colour, and bring back to the boil.
  4. let a rolling boil continue for a few minutes until the mixture has reduced and thickened, stirring from time to time – you’ll know it’s ready when it looks somewhat like a brain.
  5. remove from heat and stir constantly whilst it cools a little (to prevent curdling).
  6. using a teaspoon, pour the caramel quickly into chocolate moulds, filling them half way only.
  7. refrigerate until set.
  1. set up a bain-marie by adding a little water in a pan and placing a Pyrex glass or similar mixing bowl over the top, ensuring it doesn’t touch the water underneath.
  2. turn heat on medium-high, and place broken-up chocolate plus cacao butter drops in the bowl.
  3. stir occasionally and let cacao and chocolate melt completely before mixing in icing ‘sugar’ and stirring until dissolved.
  4. remove bowl from heat and incorporate remaining ingredients, hand whisking until nicely combined.
  5. wait a few minutes until barely warm, then pour over caramel layer, filling the moulds to the top.
  6. transfer back to the fridge to set completely.