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Sugar Free Lemon & Prosecco Syllabub. A simple, quintessentially British dessert that contains just 3g net carbs per serving.

4 ingredients are all it takes to make this low-carb and  keto-friendly delight. Simply whip everything together and spoon into serving glasses. If you’ve never tried syllabub, this is your chance to explore a most basic yet elegant dessert.

My sugar-free version is a must for any Prosecco lover. And you do know that Champagne and Prosecco are the wines that contain the least amount of carbs, right?

Well, my Italian holiday home is situated in the heart of the Prosecco valley, near Venice. Although I only drink alcohol on rare occasions, it would be rude not to indulge a little whilst spending long hot summers here. Especially since I can purchase this amazing local wine from petrol-style pumps at just 35c a litre. And one such Prosecco ‘dispenser’ is  a 5 minutes’ bike ride away. It would be sinful indeed!

So, with British guests due to arrive shortly and relentless 41°C/105°F heat, I cannot think of a better way to introduce them to the local Prosecco colture. Not that I advocate drinking alcohol, mind you, quite the opposite, in fact. But exceptions can be made once in a while…. even on keto, as long as they’re sensible and moderate.


How To Make Sugar Free Lemon & Prosecco Syllabub.

You’ll need a lemon, some whipping cream, icing ‘sugar’ and, of course, Prosecco.

I buy Sorrento lemons whilst in Italy, as they are really sweet, juicy and flavoursome. But any standard lemon will do. I’ve also tested this recipe with the juice of watermelon, melon and strawberries, and they were all magnificient. My favourite remains the lemon version, but if citrus isn’t your thing, try a different fruit and see what works for you.


Whipping cream is a bit lighter than double cream, and I think it works better in this recipe, but either will be just fine.

Keto/low-carb icing ‘sugar’ is basically powdered erythritol or other sweetener you prefer. I tend to make my own icing ‘sugar’ blend using erythritol combined with pure stevia. You can find instructions HERE. Alternatively, use whatever sweetener you like, as long as it’s powdered.

Prosecco should be brut, extra dry or dry for the least carbs, and preferably still – although sparkling will work.



Put your mixing bowl in the freezer for 10 minutes. Whip everything to your desired consistency – some prefer a more liquid syllabub – I like it more foamy and spoonable. Spoon Sugar Free Lemon & Prosecco Syllabub into serving glasses and both you and your stunning confections can chill.

  • 280g (280ml) whipping cream
  • 40g icing ‘sugar’ (U.S. alternative HERE) (or Make your Own)
  • 50ml Prosecco (preferably brut, extra dry or dry, and still)
  • 1 small unwaxed lemon ( juice and zest)
  1. place a Pyrex mixing bowl or similar in the freezer for 10 minutes.
  2. meanwhile, cut a few thin strands of lemon zest and grate the rest, being careful not to cut into the bitter white pith. squeeze the juice and set aside.
  3. add cream to the chilled bowl and whip until it begins to thicken, add ½ icing ‘sugar’, whip again, then repeat, until soft peaks form.
  4. detach the baloon whisk and use it to manually incorporate Prosecco, lemon juice and grated zest.
  5. spoon or pipe into 4 serving glasses or cups and decorate with the zest strands.
  6. keep very chilled if not serving immediately.