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It’s brilliant, it’s simply brilliant. Cooking your whole meal on a large sheet pan in the oven, all at the same time. Done right, it saves time and energy, and a whole lot of washing up. And there are so many ways to make keto sheet pan recipes. It’s not just for dinner! Think breakfast and even dessert too.

As we get into the school year, things get really busy for me. Three kids in three different schools (ack, I have a high schooler now!), soccer practice 4 times a week, homework, and multiple after-school activities. I get that dizzy busy feeling just thinking about it.

Keto sheet pan dinners are a life saver for busy parents like me. And even if you don’t have a houseful of hungry children, sheet pan meals can save you time and effort. They are ideal for keto meal planning too. So I’ve taken the time to collect the BEST keto sheet pan recipes the internet has to offer.

Tips for sheet pan meals

Easy is the name of the game with sheet pan recipes. I have quite a few of them and plans for many more, and I’ve learned a few things along the way. Here are my best tips for rocking the keto sheet pan recipes.

Skip the foil or parchment: For sheet pan dinners, leave the pan bare. Grease it lightly if you need to, but don’t line it with foil or parchment. Although that may make clean up even easier, your meats and veggies get more nicely browned when they are directly touching the pan.

This does not, of course, apply to sheet pan cakes and other baked goods. If a baked recipe specifies lining with parchment, make sure you do so.

Toss together on the pan, where possible. In some cases, you can skip tossing things together in a bowl first, and just mix everything straight on the pan. This saves you even more time and clean up.

Use the right sized pan. For sheet pan dinners, bigger is usually better. You don’t want to crowd your meats and veggies or they may not cook through properly. You want to spread things out a bit so that the heat of the oven can circulate around them. But for cakes and other baked goods, use the pan specified by the recipe. Going too big or too small might spell disaster.

Time it right: Some sheet pan meals have ingredients that cook through faster than others. Be sure to add these later on in the cooking process. You can stagger the addition of more tender veggies or things that cook quickly like shrimp, so that they all finish at the same time.

Ready to make your life easier with these amazing keto sheet pan recipes?

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