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Maybe you have a left-over egg white. Perhaps there’s some Parmesan cheese in the fridge that really ought to be used up. But maybe you really just fancy something crunchy and cheesy to munch on, or take on a trip with you, or to accompany your keto sandwich. Well, as long as you have an oven to hand, these tasty little crisps can be prepared, baked, and in your belly within minutes.

I’m sure you’ve browsed and seen plenty of recipes for Parm Crisps. So what, you ask, makes my Zero Carbs Keto Parmesan & Fennel Crisps different? Well, aside form the obvious fennel addition, of course…

Why my Zero Carbs Keto Parmesan & Fennel Crisps are Simply the Best.

It’s all down to ingredients.

The egg white serves as a binder and dampens the cheesiness. The fennel seeds (optional) add an extra element of flavour. Then there’s the all-important cheese.

Parmigiano Reggiano is my key ingredient. If you think “Parmesan” cheese is the same, think again. Parmigiano Reggiano (like Parmigiano Padano) is unique. Protected by Italian trademark laws, it is a naturally-aged cheese created using traditional methods and no additives. The milk it uses is very specific: it must come from a certain breed of cows that are pasture and organically raised. Even the grass they eat is specific and has to be from the designated area. So you see, any cheese simply called ‘Parmesan’ is just a fake. Not the real deal. Not the same taste. An inferior product in every sense.

The entire batch I make with this recipe totals 0.24g carbs and supplies 319 calories. So you can eat the whole lot without worrying about too many carbs. Why? Because Parmigiano is LACTOSE-FREE. Lactose is a sugar. No sugar = no carbs. Happy days!

You can of course substitute Parmigiano Reggiano for another hard cheese, like its cousin, the more humble Parmigiano Padano. In fact you should do so if you prefer a milder taste, as Reggiano has a pretty strong and pungent flavour.

You can even use a different hard cheese, as long as it’s very mature.

Obviously, unless you use authentic Parmigiano (Reggiano or Padano), you will need to check the carbs content and adjust your macros accordingly.

I DO NOT recommend pre-grated cheese, even if it’s Parmigiano Reggiano or Padano. It will contain added ingredients to stop it clumping together and preservatives to increase its shelf-life. And carbs content will be significantly increased. NOT a good choice.

The Easiest Recipe (if you can even call it a recipe).

I suppose I need to concede that there are even easier recipes for cheese crisps out there. Like, “Step 1 of 1: put mounds of cheese on a baking sheet and bake.” Loool.

So I guess you could say this isn’t strictly The Easiest. Splitting hairs – as we say in Britain.

Here’s what’s involved: Beat the egg white lightly with a fork. Stir in grated cheese and fennel seeds (if using). Bake. Eat.

If you’ve tried whisps or a similar air-blown cheese crisp product, don’t expect the result to have the same texture. After all, no home-baker has the industrial facilities and machinery necessary to create those airy, super-crunchy bites of heaven (can you tell I’m a fan?). But if, like me, you cannot easily source whisps, or you find them too expensive, or you just can’t briong yourself to throw away that egg white, this is an excellent option.


  1. lightly beat the egg white with a fork, then stir in the grated Parmigiano and fennel seeds.
  2. pre-heat oven to 180C static.
  3. form 8 balls between your palms and place them on an oven tray lined with parchment paper or, preferably, a silicone baking mat (U.S. option HERE), nicely spaced as they will spread out.
  4. flatten them as much as possible, then bake for 12-14 minutes (watch after 10 minutes as they will burn quickly).
  5. open oven door and leave crisps in situ.
  6. let cool then slide off baking mat and enjoy.